Valentine's Day? More Like Vodka Day!

“Valentine’s Day is almost here, and again I shall be single on the day of cupid and love. And do you know what? I don’t care!”

 All the pretty pink stuff is on sale in the supermarkets and all the luscious red roses are all in beautiful bouquets ready to be given to loved ones. To me, it’s just another day. I’d rather call it Vodka Day and toast to the existence of vodka in this world we live in!


Don’t get me wrong, it’s cute and heartwarming seeing couples who are truly in love celebrate that, I’m not bitter in that way. It makes me happy seeing other couples happy. But I do think that people who are single on Valentine’s do get stick sometimes for being single on this day. I mean, it’s not a crime is it? We just haven’t found the right person to spend this day with, I want to be with a man who I can have late night conversations with, be silly with and have a nice cwtch with!
I am a firm believer that when you fall in love, you’ll know about it. For me personally, the way I describe love is that (I know it’s a cliché) you get those butterflies in your tummy when you see him, or even when you hear his voice or when you see him smile, your face lights up when he walks into the room, you never want to be apart from him and, more than anything, he makes you feel beautiful, despite all your flaws and imperfections. When you’re with him, you feel like there’s nobody else in the world but you and him.
Everyone deserves to be or fall in love, and you’ll get it one day, I promise. Being in love is a happy time and you feel no one or nothing can wreck your happiness. You feel on top of the world and it’s such an incredible feeling when you admit you have fallen in love with someone. I’ve been in love with a man before so I know how it feels to say and feel when you love someone. It’s such a raw, emotional feeling (in a good way!) Every love song you hear speaks out to you, whether it’s Whitney Houston’s I Will Always Love You or Adele’s Someone Like You.

“But there’s one kind of love that can truly break you”

– and I’m not talking about when you break up with someone – it’s when you love someone that doesn’t love you back.
That can really change your life and break your heart into a thousand pieces and it can also break you as a person. It can make you feel like you’re not good enough, that you weren’t and aren’t enough for him, and that makes you feel desolate and worthless. It’s even worse when the man you love is happy in another relationship with another girl, and even though you want him to happy, that little evil voice in your head hopes that they’ll break up and you’ll have that chance to go after him again!
Let’s be honest, if you have ever been in the same situation, you hate that girl he’s with, anything you see or hear her do just grates on you and annoys every fibre of your being, even if she is a nice person, and, let’s be honest, you have thrown the odd curse word at her! But in life, I’ve always found that it’s always good to be the better person and show that, so you try not to think about him and her and focus on you and being able to move on, even though that’s easier said than done.
But one day, you’ll wake up and just think “You know what, it’s time to move on from him”, The relief you will feel is overwhelming and  you can begin to feel like the old you again! You’ll realise that you want to be with someone who is worthy of your love and a man who sees you as a girl he wants to spend the rest of his life with. That moment will come and you’ll forget about the man who you fell so deeply for before.

“Lets move on to happier things!”

If you’re single on Valentine’s Day like myself, seeing as its the day of love, why not celebrate all the love you share with all the other people in your life? Like the unconditional love you receive from your family, your parents, your friends and even your pets!
I was with my family last Friday evening and my cousin brought his little baby girl round with him, so she’s my second cousin, I think, getting into second cousins and third cousins and cousins once removed debate when you’re doing a family tree is dangerous territory…anyway! When she was there, she toddled over to me with her favourite princess book, held her arms out as a sign she wanted a cwtch (cuddle to all you English people!) and I held her on my lap and read her the story, that’s what love means the world to me – my family’s. Family love you through the good and shitty times, it’s all you need sometimes, that’s all that matters.
We are all loved in some way, so if you think being single stinks (I think it stinks too at times!) just remember, you are more loved than you think you are. That’s how I will be celebrating this Valentines Day, spending it with my Mam for her birthday and my amazing family who I love to the world and back. For me that’s a perfect Valentine’s Day.
So there’s my take on Valentine’s Day and all things love. This is a personal post for me, please feel free to comment in the box below!
Lucy xx

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