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22 April 2019

My Travel Wanderlust List

I'm never really sure as to whether I like the phrase 'bucket list'. A bucket list sounds so much more final to me, I think it kind of stems from that phrase 'kicking the bucket'. I'd rather call it a 'wanderlust' list. It sounds more positive and more mystical to me.

I wrote a post about the destinations I'd love to visit in Europe a while back, but I'd thought I would kind of expand on that and write about the place I want to visit outside of Europe. With all the furore of Brexit, it might allow us to discover new places outside of Europe. Now, there are places on the previous list I've written that I would absolutely still love to visit and be a tourist in, these places are definite travel goals in my life!

Swimsuit // Figleaves

The inspiration to write this post? Beth Sandland. If you're a blogger and you haven't been following her Insta lately 1) Have you been living under a rock since the start of 2019? and 2) You need to follow her NOW. She's been travelling in Asia since the end of last year and her photo's have just been ON POINT.

Anyway, let's get on with my wanderlust list -


Paris is on top of the list for most of us bloggers, well, everyone's I would say. I'd love to be able to hop onto the Eurostar, get off in Paris and just completely explore all the nooks and crannies of the city. I'm not one for heights, but even I would love to climb the Eiffel Tower just to take in the spectacular view. I'd also love to go (window) shopping of course and visit as many Parisian cafes as I could. Mainly for their cheese. Who doesn't love cheese?!

Oh Santorini, definitely right up there on my wanderlust list. Everything just looks so pristine and photogenic there. I'd love to walk through the weaving roads whilst looking at the deep blue sea below me. I'd love to visit the church that always seems to be in stock photos. Maybe get married there one day? Well, I'd have to find a man first! *setting up Tinder* (jokes!)
I'd love to visit any part of Italy, whether it be the quiet area of Tuscany or the fashion capital of Milan or even the capital city of Rome. Let's face it, there's one top reason why we would all love to visit Italy - the food. Come on, it's where the best pizza and pasta is made! Eating pizza in Italy - an ultimate travel food goal.
I'd love to visit Florida again, mainly just to see Mickey Mouse and ride Space Mountain. I went to Florida three times when I was growing up, flying Virgin Atlantic and renting a villa for three weeks each time. Florida is well known for Disney World amongst the other parks such as Universal Studios and SeaWorld. I'd love to relive those memories again, predominantly without my father present!
Those clear, almost turquoise seas surrounding your accommodation, who wouldn't want to wake up to that?! The Maldives just looks like such a relaxing and picturesque holiday, just waking up to the sound of the sea is enough for me. I just want to stay in those little huts and walk along the promenade (I think that's the right word!).
During the summer when the football season is over, it seems like every footballer seems to go to Faro in Portugal at some point during their holidays! Not that I'm stalking or anything! Anyway - I researched Faro a while back and it just seemed to look like a decent holiday spot. There are a lot of golf courses it seems, not that I'm one for golf, I find it incredibly tedious to watch. It seems like quite a relaxed holiday destination and the beaches look absolutely banging!
Ok, I know I haven't strayed outside of Europe too much with my choices, but maybe once I visit all these places (I should say IF), I'll expand my horizons further, maybe visit parts of Asia like Beth has and is doing.
What are your travel wanderlust destinations? Let me know!
*This post contains a gifted swimsuit from Figleaves and also affiliate links. All travel wanderlust views are my own. See my disclaimer for more details.

17 April 2019

The Castell Mynach, Pontyclun

*Ad - see disclaimer at the end of the post

When going out to eat, I'm always looking for places that aren't part of a big chain. I get fed up sometimes of having a cheeky Nando's or delving through the salad bar at the Harvester. I like going to the places that don't get tagged in people's Facebook statuses or Insta stories.

So when the Castell Mynach pub restaurant contacted me about going to their restaurant for lunch, it was a no brainer. Like I said, I'm always eager to try new places, it's good to give local businesses a chance rather than just keep going to the same big food chains all the time!

12 April 2019

Looking Young For My Age - An Advantage?

I can confirm that I will never look the age I'm meant to be. Youthful looks have meant I still get ID'd for alcohol or even for scratch cards, being ID'd for scratch cards I do find insulting. I know I look young, but I know I DO NOT look under 16.

Then at 15 - Now at 25

Even though it's a pain to look younger for my age at times, is there a way I can use it to my advantage? I mean, people say that "you'll be thankful for your younger looks later" and that is true, it's kind of like we've been given a 'gift'. Let's look at the pro's of looking younger for my age:

8 April 2019

Travelling with CF

Even packing away for just a two day weekend, I get myself into such a tizz in making sure I've packed everything.

Swimsuit // Figleaves

One episode of Friends in particular reminds me of this. The episode where they're all off to London to see Ross get married to Emily, Monica says "Check!" after she packs everything in her bag - that is exactly like me. Also along with that, I have a paper checklist, I tick it once I've packed an item I need and also literally open my suitcase to double check AGAIN to make sure I got the essential things I need for the next two days; that's just clothes and makeup, I'm even worse when medication gets involved!

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