The 'Flawesome Blogger' Award

First things first, thank you to Kayla for nominating me for this award! I absolutely love the concept of this blogging award. The Flawesome Blogger Award was created by Sophia Ismaa and it aims for the blogger to dissect their flaws and recognise the positives of those flaws.

When I first started writing this post, I couldn't think of three flaws that I could write about. Purely because I have so many and it was hard to find the positives in all of them! One of my biggest flaws is paranoia. I'm an incredibly paranoid person sometimes but there's no positives in being paranoid, see my problem?!

But I eventually whittled it down to three! Here are the positives and negatives of my flaws -

Negatives - I inherit my stubbornness from my Mam. I won't admit when I'm wrong sometimes and I won't say sorry if I don't need to (but I will if I know I'm in the wrong). This is a trait that can be seen as a negative by people, but not necessarily. Also, stubborn people persevere with a lot of situations, which can be seen as quite annoying to others.
Positives - Being stubborn means I know my own mind and am confident in saying what needs to be said. I know what I want and don't want in my life. Being stubborn means I can stick to my own values and not be swayed by others in regards to making decisions! I'm better at persevering too, so that means I'm no quitter!
Negatives - Oh god, overthinking is a badass mind killer. I'm a massive overthinker, I overthink the overthought things. Overthinking makes me doubt my decisions and it makes me feel uncertain about everything I do and say. It really wrecks my mind and I can't concentrate when I overthink things. Once I start overthinking, it feels like the problem gets bigger and bigger when it needn't be. At the end of the day, I'm just overcomplicating things!
Positives - It took me a while to figure out if there are any positives to being an overthinker. But I suppose overthinking means I think about every possibility and every answer to my problem or situation, no matter how good or bad. It means I'm working my brain and using any little problem solving skills to good use.
Negatives - I get too attached to people and all the things around me that I love eg pets, my job etc. It then breaks my heart when that person leaves my life and I go to pieces. That doesn't do my mental health any favours really! I feel like nothing or nobody can replace the loss.
Positives - I suppose being too attached shows I care and will do anything for them. A little selflessness creeps into play and I'll always be there for that person no matter what and under any circumstances.
This is actually quite a good way to look at my flaws and to put a positive spin on them!
These are the 10 bloggers I would like to do this challenge:
Ellie Blakeney
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Megan Elizabeth
Emma from Owls and Stags
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So what are the rules?
- Link back to the creator and the person who nominated you.
- Display the award image in the post.
- List three of your flaws and turn them into strengths.
- Nominate 10 other people to take part!
And it's as simple as that!

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