Most Liked, Retweeted & Viewed - October 2018

October has been a very mixed and unusual month for me. There's been a few up's, but a few down's to coincide with the up's. Hopefully November will bring me better things.

Right, social media stats for this month. Ok, Instagram has been a bit of a pain in the backside. I had really good engagement for about the first half of the month, then it seemed to spiral back down to little or minimal engagement for the second half of the month. But my number of followers has increased so that I'm quite pleased about.

Twitter I'm always pleased with - it's never let me down yet. Hopefully I haven't jinxed things now. Knowing my luck I most probably have done.

Anyway, here's my social media stats for the month of October -

Top Tweet:

I loved writing this post, Well, I say I loved writing it, it's not something I would want to write about because obviously I don't want to be lumbered with a disability. But I'm glad people took note and realised that not all disabilities are visible. Thank you to those who left me lovely comments on the post as well as Twitter and Facebook.

Top Media Tweet:
This made it a very good start to October. I'm awfully grateful for any blogging opportunity that comes my way, but to get three in the same week was just amaze-balls!

Most Liked:

I do love these trousers. I have a thing about the checked pattern right now. Especially for trousers.

Personal Favourite:

I love this quote. Plus I love Desenio posters. Like this quote says, throw kindness around like confetti, it never hurts nobody.

So it's goodbye to October! Now to look forward to Bonfire Night and the lead up to Black Friday shopping. See you all next month!


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