Most Liked, Retweeted & Viewed - September 2018

Ok, September hasn't been an entirely super-duper month for me personally. I lost my cat at the beginning of the month and she still hasn't been found. My little fur baby Lily has been missing for weeks now and there's no clue into where she has disappeared to. It's incredibly sad and I miss her like crazy. Hopefully she'll turn up on my doorstep soon.

Right, let's get onto happier things before I shut the lid on my laptop and go away to cry. I ordered a new car! Very exciting and I cannot wait to get behind the steering wheel of a Kia Rio! I've always had Vauxhall cars so it's a well needed change. But can't fault Vauxhall cars, I've two good cars with them.

Before I turn this post into a Top Gear special, let's get back to the matter at hand. Ok, social media news - my engagement has been pretty good! Instagram has really improved near the end of this month and I am beyond chuffed with that. If only my follower count would increase...

Twitter-verse has been full of retweeted blog posts and search appeals for my cat. Well, it needed to be done. Social media is a powerful thing in regards to finding your missing pets.

Anyway, let's see my social media stats for this month! My most popular tweet of September is not surprising:

Top Tweet:

Of course my little Lily was plastered all over social media in the vain hope someone would have seen her and told me. But to no avail. *sigh*

Top Media Tweet:

I usually just my £3 back if I get the Thunderball. I haven't won £20 on it for a long time! What did I spend it on I hear you ask?! I honestly can't remember. Knowing me it was most probably petrol. I must have had my sensible head on that day.

Most Liked:

I loved wearing this jumpsuit. It's not something I would normally wear because, well, put it this way, if I had sneezed or coughed my boobs would have been on display for all at Pier Head in Liverpool to see. I want to be able to go back to Liverpool again before the end of the year so I'm glad that didn't happen.

Personal Favourite:
This photo makes me happy because I look extremely happy in it. I still have no idea what I was laughing at. Like I've said many times before, Liverpool is my happy place and it always will be. Maybe I can squeeze in one more trip before the end of the year? We shall see...

I hope October is a better month than September. Keeping my fingers crossed that it will be!


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