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4 July 2018

This or That Challenge

A little while ago, Livvy nominated me to do the This or That Challenge, so thank you again Livvy for the nomination! (I already thanked her on Twitter)

I like these kind of posts, it gives a teeny insight into the person who's answering the questions, plus I like playing This or That!

So here my answers to the questions Livvy has left me:
1) Shower in the morning or evening?
Usually I have a bath (I don't have a working shower) in the evening because I haven't got the time to have a bath first thing in the morning. Plus I can fully enjoy a bath in the evening without panicking that I'm running late.
2) City Centre or close to nature?
I'm quite indecisive with this one. I love walking around the city centre and being amongst everyone (except people who walk at a snails pace right in front of you) but I do love the peace and quiet at times. But I think City Centre would just edge being close to nature.
3) Bright Colours or Neutrals?
I own more neutral colours than bright colours so I would say neutrals. I usually wear my brighter colours in the Spring and Summer.
4) Spring or Autumn
Spring definitely. I love the Autumn colours but I love the blossoming of flowers in Spring and it's a sign the warmer weather is coming.
5) Mint or Cinnamon
Cinnamon. I don't like the taste of mint. I can just about stand toothpaste.
6) Planned or Spontaneous?
Spontaneous. Spontaneous plans often bring the better memories.
7) A movie at home or the cinema?
At home. Having your home comforts around when watching a film makes me feel more relaxed and I can enjoy the film more.
8) Espresso or latte?
Can't stand either. Give me a green tea or hot chocolate any day.
9) Hugs or kisses?
You can't beat a lush cwtch. But kisses are just as good.
10) Spicy or mild food?
Mild food. I can't handle spicy foods.
11) Leather or lace?
I like leather, but I always fear that I'll do a Ross from Friends and get stuck in my leather trousers! So I would have to go with lace.
12) Overdressed or under-dressed?
I love dressing up! I am one who always overdresses. I even dress nice just to go to Morrison's!
13) Adventure or comfortable?
I'm more the comfortable sort of girl, but I would love to be more adventurous!
14) TV series or movie?
TV series. Even though I haven't got Netflix, I'm happy to watch new series that come up on TV.
15) Rock or country music?
Country music. Rock music would give me a huge headache!
16) Red or white wine?
Neither, give me rose.
17) Working alone or in a team?
In a team. I don't achieve as much working on my own as I would in a team. Except for blogging.
18) Swimming or sunbathing?
Swimming, it keeps me cooler, sunbathing doesn't. Plus swimming is good exercise for my lungs!
19) Fast food or sit down restaurant?
I love sitting down in a restaurant. It's a more relaxed environment and it's a chance to have a good conversation.
20) Matched or mismatched socks?
Matched! Why wear mismatched socks?
21) Dancing or singing?
Now then, I look like Bambi on ice when dancing, but I haven't got the best singing voice. But I prefer singing to my hearts content when I'm driving in the car!
22) Phone or the Internet?
Internet. Blogging can't be really done through a phone. But that's to say others can't.
 Here are my answers! Anyone is welcome to give this a go!


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