Most Liked, Retweeted and Viewed - July 2018

The heatwave is still with us, the new football season is edging closer, I have gone three years without needing IV antibiotics and I have a new template on my blog thanks to Pipdig, things are on the up!
I can't believe July is almost over! It feels like just yesterday I was starting the countdown for the (very needed) summer holidays, which I started last Friday. Hopefully it'll drag so I can enjoy the warm weather and do lots of different things such as day trips and sort outs!
One of my highlights from this month was a two day trip to West Wales, an absolutely lovely, quaint place which I would love to go back and visit one day.

In regards to social media, Instagram engagement was pretty good at the beginning of the month, then it seems to have declined in the 7 days or so, which is so annoying! Mind you, I never know with Instagram anymore! So there's no point in me moaning about it all the time when it's unlikely to change. I have Twitter to keep me entertained also, Twitter has never let me down before!

So let's get on with it, here are my social media stats for July:

Top Tweet:
The number three may not seem a big number, but it is in CF life. Three years without needing IV's is such a huge health achievement for me. I still have no idea how I have made it this far, I think I am literally riding on luck right now!

Top Media Tweet:
I take great joy in writing this post once a month, it really gives me the chance to praise bloggers for their posts and pictures, at the end of the day, sharing the love in this industry is so important - and another thing - it doesn't cost anything to do and it doesn't take up valuable time.

Most Liked:

I love this co-ord. It's so summery and I adore the palm leaf pattern. This is definitely one outfit which h will be worn constantly this summer. Well, obviously I would wash it in between wears!

Personal Favourite:
I love this picture. It is one of the best pictures I've taken. I love watching sunsets, it's an even better experience when you're at the beach watching it.

So it's goodbye to July and hello to August. I hopefully got some lovely things planned for the remainder of the six weeks off, I need to make the most of the lush weather before the Autumn kicks in.

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