Most Liked, Retweeted and Viewed - June 2018

I'm typing this as the UK is experiencing a scorching heatwave. I feel like I'm melting whilst I have a laptop on my lap but this post needs to get done, let's plough on!

Yes, social media has been a funny one this month! I've either had such good engagement I feel like dancing on the ceiling! Oh what a feeling when - sorry, I broke out into Lionel Richie mode then. Then other days I've felt like deleting my social media accounts altogether cause what's the point in posting stuff if nobody's going to like it?!

Ah, I feel more calm now. So let's get back to the reason I've written this -

Top Tweet:

An amazing time to raise awareness for my illness! CF Week really highlights the struggles and trials and tribulations of Cystic Fibrosis and how hard it is at times. Hopefully you all learnt a little bit from the stuff I posted on Twitter and Instagram for the week.

Top Media Tweet:
I still find it so very hard to believe that I have survived without IV's for three years. When anybody asks me how I have managed to do it, I honestly couldn't give them an answer! It could be good adherence to medication and treatments, consistent exercise or just pure luck! The big question is - will I make it another year IV free? Only time will tell...

Most Liked:

I have fallen in love with this jumpsuit. I never thought it was suit me because of my boobs, but surprisingly it doesn't make them look like they're sagging to the floor. My kind of fashion happiness.

Personal Favourite:
The one thing that keeps me sane is Liverpool Football Club. I adore them. So I adored writing this post about life as a female football fan. Probably one of my favourite posts I've written.
So it's goodbye to June! I wonder what July will bring us?

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