Most Liked, Retweeted and Viewed - May 2018

My birthday month is almost over. It's been such fun! I am currently half way through a week off from work so I've time to reflect on things and also eat a lot.
I had an amazing birthday in work and with my friends during the evening. I also got FREE pizza courtesy of Heart Radio. Those sort of miracles don't happen every day!
I also saw the Champions League Final where Liverpool sadly lost 3-1. No, I'm not going to cry again!
Of course there was the Royal Wedding which set the world alight! I love the Royal Family, it was such a beautiful day. Harry and Meghan really do make a fantastic couple. Her dress was absolutely gorgeous!
In terms of social media, things have once again been ok this month. We all had the highly anticipated GDPR to look forward near the end of the month. With bloggers frantically typing out privacy policies and constant emails from companies asking about whether we would like them to keep emailing us. I tell you what, since GDPR has come into place, my inbox is looking a whole lot cleaner!
But yes, we shall be greeting the month of June tomorrow! Here are my social media stats for the month of May -

Top Tweet:
Yes, I was ready for the final about 4 hours before it was due to start. It's always better to be ready early than late, right?

Top Media Tweet:
The night we got into the final. A lovely little early birthday present from Liverpool. It's nice that they remembered (wink). A little bit of a Liverpool theme in regards to my top tweets of May.


Most Liked:

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It was my 25th birthday this month. I've reached a quarter of a century (god knows how!). I had a lovely day surrounded by my lovely friends and work colleagues.

Personal Favourite:
It seriously was like watching a real life Disney movie. I couldn't take my eyes off the TV!

Let me know what your highlights of May were below!

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