Most Liked, Retweeted and Viewed - April 2018

I've only just realised that I was off work for half of April, so no wonder the month has flown by! Thanks to the Easter Holidays, I got to enjoy the rain from the comfort of my own house instead of a classroom. I'm currently typing this when we're in the middle of a mini heatwave which I have enjoyed immensely, even if I have been in work for half of it. But yes, it is almost the end of April, we're about to enter May (my birthday month) and it's that time of month (not THAT time of month) where I look over my social media analytics from the last 30 or so days.

Social media-wise, things have been good this month. Let's have a look at my social media stats for the month of April -

 T W I T T E R
Top Tweet:

Yes, I was a very excitable Liverpool fan when I found Ings was starting again. And he scored that day. A good day.

Top Media Tweet:
Quite Liverpool themed for this Twitter section today. Well, celebrating with a glass of rose is pretty normal, right?

Most Liked:

I seriously cannot wait to wear this outfit in the summer. Something I would never normally wear, but, styles change over time, right?

Personal Favourite:
Breathe. This thing we do everyday, something I struggle with everyday and something people I really do think take for granted.
I love Desenio prints. I would have my whole bedroom wall plastered with them if I could.
I cannot wait for next month. My birthday month is finally upon us! I wonder what surprises May will have in store for me?!


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