Most Liked, Retweeted and Viewed - March 2018

We are in the midst of Easter, which means we are at the end of March. Feels like only just yesterday that at the beginning of the month we were waking up on the first day of March to 6ft of snow. Ah yes, the Beast from the East, that is one beast I do not want to see again.

It is officially Spring now, it doesn't feel like it right now, but hopefully in April the temperatures will start to climb and that I can finally pack my jumpers away until at least October.
I have just started a 17 day holiday from work and it could not have come around quick enough! I love the Easter holidays! It's been a draining few weeks in work so it's nice to just wind down and chill.

Anyway, let's get onto social media. It's been a good month. Well, the sort of huge news is that Instagram has changed its algorithm! It's not exactly back to chronological order but it's close enough! No more seeing people's posts from five days ago!

Let's see what did well for me social media wise in the month of March:

 T W I T T E R
Top Tweet:
Yes. I did the same as everyone else does in this situation. I took to Twitter to find out if anybody else's Instagram was down. Why do we all feel the need to check a social media channel is down through another social media channel?!

Top Media Tweet:
I have started creating templates for Instagram! This one is my favourite one so far, of course I had to do a CF related one!

Most Liked:
Like I said in the caption, it's certainly a picture I would never used to think of posting online! But why the hell not?!

Personal Favourite:
I haven't posted a picture of one of my cats online for AGES. This one is Lily, she's a little bugger who opens my bedroom door, climbs on my bed and bites my head to wake me up on a Saturday or Sunday morning. Yep, that's Lily for you, but I bloody loves her!
I hope April brings some warmer weather and some more good memories!


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