Most Liked, Retweeted and Viewed - February 2018

Yes, February ends a little sooner this year. It kind of feels weird writing this a little earlier, I feel like we're entering March too early!

But anyway, yes, I have had a pretty busy and fun filled month! From going to my happy place for a couple of days to my amazing annual review appointment, amongst other great things, February has been a bloody brilliant month!

In regards to social media, my Instagram engagement seems to have got a tiny bit better in the last couple of weeks or so, which I can't complain too much about!
I haven't really tweeted much lately, I don't know why but I've got to a point where if I got nothing worth saying, I'm just keeping quiet. What's the point in boring the pants off people with tweeting pointless s**t?!

Also, I need to ask people, have you tried or are using the app Vero? I've been debating about getting it but I've been in two minds because I don't want to download it if it's just an app that's going to be popular for a few weeks then disappear into the dark clouds like MySpace and Bebo (remember giving people three loves every day?!)

Anyway, back to the here and now, here are my social media stats for the month of February:

Top Tweet:

Yes, around this time last year, a random woman told me that I had arthritis and that sardines would cure my CF symptoms. One year on, the sardines haven't worked and I still have CF. Remind me to tell her not to apply for a position in my CF centre.

Top Media Tweet:
My first day in Liverpool last week and I got this beautiful picture of buildings reflecting off the water. Gorgeous.

 I N S T A G R A M
Most Liked:
My trip to tour Anfield saw me take a little detour to the dressing room and I immediately got drawn to this shirt first. My favourite.
Personal Favourite:
A post shared by Lucy Taylor (@lucymarytaylor) on
My last morning in Liverpool saw me take a lovely stroll through the Strand and along Pier Head, I took lots of photos, including this one of Albert Dock from a distance. So beautiful.

I do apologise that this post seems to have a little bit of a Liverpool theme, but it can't be helped!

So it's goodbye to what's been a fabulous February. Hopefully March will bring me some marvellous memories too!


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