Most Liked, Retweeted and Viewed - December 2017

The festive season is over and we are about to welcome a new year. It feels just like only yesterday since we were letting off the fireworks to bring in 2017. How time flies. Well, December has been an obvious festive, good feel month.

I had a lovely, quiet, sprawly (if that's even a word!) Christmas Day with my Mam where we pigged out and watched Christmas TV. The best programme on Christmas Day being EastEnders, which I still can't get over.

Plus my favourite TV shows ended this month - I'm A Celeb and Strictly Come Dancing. I hate it when they end, my Saturday and weekday nights will feel dull for a while now.

In regards to social media, Twitter I've had a good month, a few new followers and a few retweets and likes. But Instagram is another story. My likes have gone down AGAIN! I never thought I would see the day that likes on Instagram would wind me up! How can it go up and down like a yo-yo every day?!

Anyway, less moaning about that. Let's look at which of my last posts of 2017 were most popular:
Top Tweet:

I'm a Celeb has been brilliant this year and I am so pleased Toff won! She really deserved it, I wanted either her or Iain to win.

Top Media Tweet:
Yes, I wish it was that simple for me to take a break from all things CF-ey. But I have to carry on, even over Christmas. Still, like I've said, it's the life I've been given. I don't mind, I don't even realise I'm taking or inhaling medication it's that engrained into my everyday routine.

Most Liked:

Yes, my lovely, twig covered Christmas wreath was my most liked picture on Instagram this month. As I said in the caption, it may not be the prettiest wreath in the entire world, but it's MY wreath and I love it. We're one of the only people in my street to hang up a wreath outside our house, which is quite surprising, I thought wreaths were always a Christmas tradition? Instead it's been replaced by hundreds of fairy lights strewn across the fences and roof's.

Personal Favourite:

I love this one - it's my favourite day of the year. The excitement of Christmas reaches fever pitch and, oh its just so exciting! I always stay up until midnight to see in Christmas Day, that's become a little thing I do every Christmas Eve.

Goodbye December and goodbye 2017!
Also I'd like to wish my family, friends and my lovely readers a Happy New Year!
See you in 2018!

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