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18 November 2017

The Mystery Blogger Award

Ok, so I'm in work and checking my Twitter notifications on my phone and a notification pops us from North Left , to say she has nominated me for the Mystery Blogger Award! Thank you!
I'll be honest, I'd never heard of this until last week. Here's the description I've borrowed from North Left:

The “Mystery Blogger Award” is an award for amazing bloggers with ingenious posts. Their blog not only captivates; it inspires and motivates. They are one of the best out there, and they deserve every recognition they get. This award is also for bloggers who find fun and inspiration in blogging, and they do it with so much love and passion.
It was first created by Okota Enigma. Tap/click her name to find out more.

There are some rules which you need to follow to keep the trend going:
1. Put the award logo in your post, as well the rules.
2. Thank the person who nominated you and also provide a link to their blog.
3. Mention the creator of the award; provide a link to their blog.
4. Tell your subscribers three things about you.
5. Answer the questions your nominee sent you
6. Share links to your best posts.
7. Re-nominate 10-20 people.
8. Notify the nominees
9. Ask your nominees 5 questions including one funny/weird question
Rule number 4:
1. I want to live in Liverpool
2. I have two pet cats
3. I don't like ice cream
The questions I got asked:
1. What's your favourite thing about blogging?
I think it has to be getting to know new blogger through social media and being able to read amazing content from other bloggers. Also receiving lovely compliments for your content is always amazing!
2. Do you want to blog full time?
I'm in two minds about that. If I knew I could blog full time and I'd have a good, solid wage coming in every month I would, but I'm happy to do it while I work full time in another job right now.
3. Why did you decide to start your blog?
I happened to read a friend's blog online and it just seemed something I would enjoy doing. I love writing anyway so why not combine the two?!
4. What's the nicest thing to happen to you since you've started blogging?
I don't think there's one thing in particular, I think speaking to new bloggers and getting compliments for your posts is always a highlight for me.
5. The weird one - if you could live in one period of history, which one would it be and why?
I love this question! History was one of my favourite subjects in school, along with English. I would say that I'd love to live in the Tudor era. Purely because I loved learning about that era and I'd love to see if anybody I knew would have married Henry VIII!
My favourite posts I've written:
My nominees:
I thought I'd choose the ones I have either recently discovered or bloggers I have loved for so long
The questions I'd like you to answer:
1. Why did you start blogging?
2. Who is your blogging inspiration and why?
3. What sort of content do you like writing about? Lifestyle? Fashion? Beauty?
4. Is there anything you'd have done differently after you started blogging?
5. The weird/funny one - if you could eat any one food for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?!
Obviously, you don't have to take part if you don't want to! I think it's kind of nice to get to know other bloggers through doing this!
Thank you again North Left for the nomination!

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