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30 October 2017

Most Liked, Retweeted and Viewed - October 2017

I'm sat writing this on the beginning of my week off from work, finally de-stressed prior to the mad and hectic few weeks I've experienced.

I'm glad to have this time off work now, I need to reenergise and focus on myself.

But back to the reason I'm writing this post, social media in the month of October. In regards to social media, my Instagram engagement has been pretty good this month (hooray!). Have I finally conquered the shadow banning and low engagement issues that have plagued us Instagrammer's for so long now? I really hope so (fingers crossed!). I think it's welcoming to other Instagrammer's and blogger's to read about someone talking positively about the go-to photo sharing app, because, let's face it, we all still love Instagram despite what's happening with it right now.

My likes have increased, maybe due to me switching and changing my hashtags for every photo I post and not using the most common of all common hashtags such as #Love , #Instagram and #InstaDaily.

I do apologise profusely for my Twitter profile containing A LOT of Liverpool FC related tweets. This is because, put it this way, the team have been "slightly" frustrating me of late. But hey ho, I'm sure they'll get back to their best in November (I hope).

This month also saw me celebrate one year of my blog/blogging which I am so pleased with. Thank you to all you lovelies who gave me lush comments about this! It's the best feeling getting compliments about something which you already love doing!

So let's see which tweets and Instagram pictures were the most popular:
Top Tweet:  
A blog post which I was asked to write by Pactster which gave me the chance to express why I love exercising and how much it maintains my health. This was quite a personal moment for me too as it was the first time I showed off my CF belly online. It's one body part which I'm not totally happy with, but it's a part of me and it isn't going anywhere so I may as well unveil it!

Top Media Tweet:
As I said in the earlier part of this post, I am celebrating one year of my blog/blogging. I cannot believe how fast this year has gone! This will give me the chance to thank all the people who have given me sweet compliments about my blog posts, I really do appreciate them all!

Most Liked:

Yep, just me sitting on my IKEA Koppang Chest of 3 drawers with my Special Day at Melwood photos behind me. That day was one of the many reasons that made me fall in love with the city of Liverpool. This is making me want to book a hotel up there so let's move on to my personal favourite.

Personal Favourite:
Probably not my most eye catching picture but the caption says it all. I had a cracking appointment at the hospital a few weeks ago and I celebrated with a Starbucks at the hospital café. By the way I love this Stradivarius shirt which I'm wearing in this picture.

So that's it for October.
I got to look forward to trick or treater's knocking my door tonight. I wonder how many dead princesses and Spidermen I'll get knocking my door?

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