Most Liked, Retweeted and Viewed - September 2017

I've had a really weird month in regards to social media.

At the beginning at the month, I struggled to post any good content on all social media platforms. I couldn't think or have any good decent photos to share on Instagram and I felt I had nothing to say on Twitter. Even on my private Facebook I've been quiet. I don't know whether that is due to the fact that I'm back working full time (which I'm enjoying so much!) so my brain is completely frazzled and worn out by the time I come home or I've just got myself into a social media posting rut (if that even exists).

But one thing I've noticed is that my Instagram engagement has seemed to have improved in the last 10 days. I don't know whether it is because I've changed things up with my hashtags or it's just a good 'post liking run', but I'm really pleased as Instagram is getting a lot of stick lately with the algorithm (which is still highly annoying) and not being able to see your favourite accounts posts is hard when Instagram decide to show you photos somebody has posted from TWO days ago.

Onto a more personal note, September has seen me go back to work after a lovely summer holidays. I wrote in my August post that I would have finished redecorating my bedroom by now - unfortunately it's not quite finished yet. I've bought the bulk parts of it, such as the chest of drawers, bedside table and mirror. It's just the little details that need to be bought to complete the bedroom, but I'm really pleased in how it has turned out so far. I want to make sure it's perfect before I show you lovelies! I hope to God that by the end of October it'll be finished! *fingers crossed*.

Back to the matter in hand, here's my top posts for September:

Top Tweet:
I bought this canvas from Amazon last week and I never thought I would ever fall in love with a canvas until I opened the cardboard box to see it for the first time. I wanted a wall kind of dedicated to my happy place. Oh, what I would give to live up there...

Top Media Tweet:
I'm so proud and pleased to be in the latest issue of CF Life magazine. I wrote the piece about July time so it's been a couple of months in the waiting! Thank you for all the lovely compliments! I really do appreciate them.

 Most Liked:

About to go for a Nando's with a few old school friends. Yes, this was my first selfie in quite a while! I couldn't be bothered to even attempt to take one for a few weeks, plus the fact that I looked like Rudolph cause I had a stinking cold for two weeks. Why my colds last so long is beyond me! Maybe it's because of my crappy sinuses or it's just unfortunate.
Also I'm in love with this mirror I bought from Wilkinson's. It's taller than me, which makes for taking great outfit selfies.

Personal Favourite:
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This t-shirt from New Look is my favourite thing in my wardrobe right now. I adore it. The quote on the front is how everybody should live their life. Live To Sparkle.

So now it's on to October. I got a week off from work near the end of the month which I've already started counting down the days to. Quite sad really.


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